2020 Citizen Series 3 A20-VII LFV

7 Axis CNC Sliding Headstock Turning Centre


Citizen System F32iB
Max bar diameter 25mm
Max turning length in one chucking (20mm guide bush) 200mm
Max turning length in one chucking (25mm guide bush) 188mm
Number of turning tools (12 x 12 x 120) 5
Number of drilling / boring tools - front 4
Number of back operation tools 4 + 4
Number of rotary tools - cross 4
Max number of face rotary tools - front / back (option) 3 / 7
Main spindle speed range 200-10000rpm
Main spindle Motor Power 3.7 / 2.2 kW (5/3hp)
Sub Spindle Speed Range 200-8000rpm
Sub Spindle Motor Power 1.5kW
Rotary Tool Drive - gang tool post 6000rpm / 0.75kW
Rotary Tool Drive - back 6000rpm / 0.75kW
Main and Sub Spindle Indexing (all standard) 1°, C axis
Maximum Drilling diameter 10mm
No. of controllable axes 7 (X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2, C1,C2)
Low Frequency Vibration (LFV) function Mode 1 by program command to X1, Z1, X2 & Z2 axis (2 axis simultaneous)
Sub-spindle for pick-off and back operation
Synchronised shaft-driven driven rotary guide bush
Centralised lubrication system including ballscrews
Coolant tank, 150 litre capacity
Safety limit switches
Program check function
Operators instruction/maintenance manual
RS232 & ethernet interfaces
Splash Guarding
Tool nose radius compensation
Corner chamfering & radius function
Constant surface speed control
Program memory 256k (320m)
Main and sub spindle synchronisation
Part off tool breakage detection - electronic type
Parts catcher - max length 100mm
Rotary tool spindle rigid tapping function
Spindle cooler to main spindle
C axis for main/sub spindle simultaneous use
Main Spindle 25mm bar capacity - Spindle sleeve, nut & spring (collet type F30 (Din 157E)); includes rotating head 25.5-23.5 Bar preperation required above 23mm bar diamater (recommended above 22mm bar diameter for improved reliability).
Sub Spindle 25mm bar capacity - Spindle sleeve, nut & spring
25mm bar capacity - Rotary guide bush unit (guide bush type B227)
Handling tool (RGB dia 25mm)
Workpiece conveyor (A320NU37J)
Workpiece separator (collection by back basket) A320NU352J
Swarf conveyor Type A - for mixed material with filtration to 500 µm by integral selfcleaning filter box + tipping bin - standard length
B Code, special software for HPC Systems
Mist Control 850 Extractor CE Version - includes electrical interface and circuit protection
Firetrace 5kg Indirect C02 Fire Suppression System.
Iemca Boss 338-32-HD Combo automatic barfeed with Touch Screen inc.1 channel set (26mm). Barfeeder uses pinned collets

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