2011 Makino D500
2011 Makino D500
2011 Makino D500
2011 Makino D500
2011 Makino D500
2011 Makino D500
2011 Makino D500
2011 Makino D500
2011 Makino D500
2011 Makino D500

5-axis Machining Centre

Fanuc Professional 5
Travels X/Y/Z 550/1000/500 mm
A-axis travel 150° (+30° - 120º) rotary encoder
C-axis travel 360° (continuous rotation) / rotary encoder
Rapids X/Y/Z 48/50/48 m/min
Rapids A/C 48/48 m/min
Feedrate X 1 - 32000 mm/min
Feedrate Y/Z 1 - 40000 mm/min
Feedrate A/C 1 - 18.000 mm/min
Rotary table size ø 500 mm
Max workpiece size 650 x 500 mm
Max workpiece weight 350 kg
T-slot version 4 x 18H8
Spindle speeds ~ 20000 rpm
Tool holder HSK-A63
Tool magazine Matrix type
Tool magazine places 323
Tool changer double gripper
Max tool ø 70/140 mm
Tool diameter with free adjacent places mm: 140
Max tool length 300 mm
Max tool weight 8 kg
Through spindle coolant
Air through spindle
8 outside coolant nozzles
Niagara coolant
Preparation to work with robot
Special lift-up conveyor for robot shutter
Automatic non-contact tool measuring device
Automatic workpiece measuring device (MARPOSS)
Portable manual pulser with tool position indicator and handle release button
Helix interpolation (2 + 2 axes)
Additional part program memory 640
Additional registered program number 500
Memory expansion function for data center type B (total: 800 MB)
Fast Ethernet board (including Ethernet function)
Additional optional blocks skip (total): 9 blocks
Common variable for custom macros 600
Electronic handwheel
Manual set MAKINO
Synchronized tapping
100 user macros
Smooth TCP
Super GI.4 Control
Coordinate system rotation
Swivel work plane
Operating time 21341 cut hours
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