2008 Mori Seiki NZ 1500 T2Y2


CNC Lathe with 2 turrets, 2x Y-axis and subspindle

MSX 701 III Control
Travels X/Y/Z 210/±110/810 mm
C-axis 0.001°
Max turn ø 200 mm
Max turning length 1130/810 mm
Swing ø over slide 320 mm
Rapids X/Y/Z 30/10/50 m/min
Spindle speeds ~ 6000 rpm
Spindle power 22/18 kW
Max bar ø 52 mm
Spindle nose JIS A2-5
Subspindle speeds ~ 6000 rpm
Supindle power 22/18 kW
Spindle bore ø 52 mm
Spindle nose JIS A2-5
Upper/Lower Turret Number of tool slots 16 - All driven
Milling spindle speeds ~ 6000 rpm
Milling spindle power 7.5/5.5 kW
Swarf conveyor
Main spindle with collet chuck
Counter spindle with three-jaw chuck
Parts catcher and parts conveyor
Bar feeder LNS Hydrobar SPRINT 552

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